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John Adams High School Library Media Center: Find Books & Book Reviews

Locating Book Reviews

 Locating Book Reviews


What is a book review?

  • Book reviews are usually published in magazines, are written by scholars and provide information about why a book is important in a particular area of study.  A good indication that a book is scholarly is if it is published by a university press, which exists solely to publish scholarly works.

Why use a book review?

  •  A book review is helpful for determining which books are recommended by scholars as the most useful for studying a particular topic of study. 

Where can I find book reviews?

  • You can use the databases on the homepage of this libguide or from the Queens Public Library (you will need to have a library card) .


Shakespeare Online

Plot summaries of all the plays, including those of doubtful or joint authorship, such as Edward III, The Two Noble Kinsmen, Sir Thomas More, etc.  Criticism, sources, settings, dates, themes, and other information.


Every year the American Library Association selects and annotates a list of the year's best fiction books for young adults.

Finding Books in the Library

Finding Books in the Library - a Roadmap

In the back of the library: 

  • Graphic Novels

CDC (Psychology/Self-help books)​​​​​​​

  • Along the wall to the left as you enter the library:
  • Fiction Books (alphabetical by author's last name)

Along the wall to the right as you enter the library:

  • Biography Books
  • History Books

In the middle of the library:

  • Non-Fiction Books

Trouble finding something? 

Ask for assistance at the Main Desk. We're here to help!


Search Tips



  • When searching the library catalog to find a book that matches your topic, you may find additional information by clicking on the blue hyperlinked SUBJECT HEADINGS at the bottom of the record. Click on those to find other titles in the catalog with that SUBJECT HEADING assigned to it. 
  • Remember non-fiction books on the same subject sit on the shelf next to one another.  If you find one book on your topic, go up to the shelf and look at what is sitting next to it to find additional books to use.

Some of our E-book titles

The following are just some of the e-books available for loan from the library.  See the box to the right on e-book borrowing procedures.

Arab-American and Muslim writers

Astrology and divination


The Call of the Wild

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Catching Fire

Ancient machine technology from wheels to forges

Ancient medical technology from herbs to scalpels

The invisible man

A Connecticticut yankee in king Arthur's Court

Exploring the solar system

Full-featured online reader quick reference guide

The last of the Mohicans

The man in the iron mask

More math games & activities from around the world

The red badge of courage

The scarlet letter

The hunger Games


The Daytona 500 the thrill and thunder of the great American race

Michael Jackson:  King of Pop

Touchdown: The power and precision of football's perfect play

Tupac Shakur:  Hip-hop idol

Witches and Wiccans

How to use an E-book

Go to the John Adams High School Library homepage and follow these directions:

1.  Scroll down to 'Sora' or MackinVia

2.  Use your DOE email account/password to sign in